Sichuan Curious New Materials Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Curious New Materials Co. Ltd ..

Sichuan Curious New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, specializing in the production of hot-melt butyl sealants for insulating glass, two-component polysulfide adhesives, silicone adhesives, structural adhesives, and various types of aluminum spacers, molecular sieve, And various insulating glass accessories. 以质量求生存,以诚信求发展,以服务求永恒,以管理求效益,以人才求兴旺,追求以诚为本,质量第一为宗旨的方针,愿与广大客户携手,让好奇新材料走进每家每户,成为您忠实的朋友和伙伴。 The company adheres to the principles of seeking survival with quality, seeking development with integrity, seeking eternity with service, seeking benefits with management, seeking prosperity with talents, pursuing honesty and quality first, and is willing to work with customers to make them curious. New materials come into every household and become your loyal friends and partners.

The company is not satisfied with the status quo, actively carry out all aspects of transformation, strengthen quality management, advocating credibility, and strive to forge ahead, with the goal of "making enterprises larger and consumers more satisfied", and actively explore the international and domestic markets.